I look forward to meeting you and working with you on whatever your health and fitness goals are!”




My name is Michael and I am super happy to be a part of the team here at Elite Spartans. I look forward to meeting you and working with you on whatever your health and fitness goals are! I am excited to be on this journey with you to discover what you and your body are capable of, as empowering people is my main joy as a personal trainer.

I’ve been a trainer for a total of 5 years, starting out my career as a collegiate rugby strength and conditioning coach. I then worked at Equinox in northern California and Southern CA for 3 ½ years. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from San Francisco State, where I also played rugby and soccer. I bounced around picking a degree that I would really enjoy and finally settled on philosophy as it helps me answer the questions about life that I find need answering, and has honed my mind to think critically. My emphasis was on religious studies and spirituality in different cultures, as growing up I had many, many questions that compelled me to dive in a find out more.

Fitness has always been a part of my life as I have played team sports such as baseball, soccer, football, rugby, volleyball, and basketball. I’ve also run track (100m, 200m), cross country, and used to be an avid cyclist. I also go skiing every now and again. Nowadays I mostly strength train, and outside my work as a trainer, I still play soccer every chance I can get. I have great respect for those who want to get stronger, and also those that are incredibly strong. If you’ve never watched a strongman competition, it’s awe-inspiring. I also love cinema and video games. I am able to play the violin as well (although I am a bit rusty)! I am unable to play rugby anymore due to many injuries, but those injuries made me a better trainer as I have had to rehabilitate myself multiple times over the years, so I count them as a necessary learning experience. I always wished I learned wrestling or another martial art growing up more extensively, as the lessons of discipline that you learn while studying such arts carry over to everything you do.

Again, I am very excited to join such a great team. Elite Spartans have been a warm and welcoming place since the first moment I stepped in the gym, and I am very excited to jump in and ensure you have the best fitness experience possible. I look forward to working with you closely on any of your health and fitness goals, and will be growing along with you as you find success!