I decided to get myself into training again after a holiday with family in the UK left me feeling decidedly unfit. After no training for about 10 years caused by a general laziness, I set about walking myself fitter. Although this was working to some degree, more was required.

I was using the gym one day when I met Alex, who was training one of his clients. We had a chat and I booked some sessions for my wife and myself.

In the first session Alex spent time building up a picture of my health and wellbeing history, and the goals I wished to achieve. He also took measurements of my height, weight, BMI and fat % and then proceeded to inform me not to get to caught up in the numbers (great advice). Alex also prepared a nutritional plan for me, and a training regime: twice a week with him one on one, three times on my own and a group session (Boot Camp) on Saturdays.

I have been training with Alex for the past four months and my weight has dropped, as well as my BMI and fat% and my waist is 10” smaller. The important thing though is that I feel much better and fitter in myself. The lessons have continually evolved and are fresh, exciting and challenging. His instruction about technique and form has ensured that I haven’t injured myself.

As with all goals, mine have changed as I have become fitter and I imagine will continue to do so. I appreciate the time and effort that Alex has put into the training, ensuring I don’t get bored and lose interest.