When I first decided to start training, I wanted to lose weight so that I could feel better about myself. Now that I have been training for a while it’s more than losing weight; it has become about maintaining a healthy life, challenging myself, and living an active lifestyle.

Six years ago, I was about to turn 40, and my body was clearly telling me that it was time to get some help.

I had been severely overweight for many years and managed to lose about 90 pounds when I went to Weight Watchers. But I had given birth to two children (2008 and 2010) and some of the weight had come back. I am also somewhat of a couch potato by nature, and I was in a very serious car accident as a teenager. Ten years ago, I developed severe tendinitis in both my arms and a very painful back problem and it took years of physical therapy to get things to a point that I can live with. However, my back was starting to hurt more and more and my posture was terrible.

I had started to exercise on my own but guess what happened? Yes, I injured myself even more because I didn’t know what I was doing.

A friend of mine from work told me about Tammra at Elite Spartans. My friend also had a number of physical challenges, and she told me that some days, she was just working with Tammra on simple things such as getting off the floor after a fall because that was important and relevant to my friend’s health that day!

I am like … what???? Personal trainers do stuff like that???? I thought they just get everyone ready for the next bodybuilder exhibition!!!!

I thought about it for a little while and the next thing I did was the best thing I have ever done for myself, my health, my family, my future … I called Tammra!

My schedule is very tight (full-time demanding job, two young children) but I was able to see her at lunchtime and we have kept up this schedule for six years now. I see Tammra twice a week and the progress I have made is nothing short of phenomenal.

What makes Elite Spartans and Tammra so incredibly special?

At Elite Spartans, everyone is genuinely friendly and supportive, and they really care about every single one of their clients. From the moment you walk in they are very professional and enthusiastic. They have the most advanced “toys” (functional equipment) to train you with and help you to achieve the results you want. Tammra is extremely qualified. She creates personalized workouts based on YOUR needs. She is a master trainer and has many years of experience training people who deal with chronic illnesses and injuries. Every workout is different and capitalizes on a mix of cardio equipment – rowing machine, bike, treadmill, jump rope, and more. She uses a wide variety of kettle weights, dumbbells, bar weights and other goodies at Elite Spartans . And she mixes in functional exercises such as burpees, mountain climbers, and push-ups to keep things interesting. She is right next to you all the time closely paying attention to form and if something doesn’t work for you, she will come up with another exercise.

So where am I today?

I am 100% convinced that if I had never made that decision, I would be constantly in severe pain from my neck, elbow and pain problems. Unfortunately, these issues will never go away completely but Tammra has taught me how to manage them. My posture is sooooooo much better, I have muscle definition in my arms, and I have abs. It took time and patience to get there but I have an excellent quality of life. Since I see her twice a week at Elite Spartans, she catches issues as they flare up and we adjust exercises accordingly. Pushing through pain is NOT the way to go. If one of my injuries has flared up, she will modify my exercises.

I am able to walk 10,000 steps a day on a regular basis and while my colleagues at work huff and puff up the stairs, I am not even breathing heavy.

And oh by the way, I am now a steady 155 pounds down from 288!!! Tammra, thank you so much for everything you have done for me, I truly appreciate it.