Now not only have I lost 23 pounds!

I have always been the “chubby kid” in school. I made excuse after excuse about not going to the gym or eating unhealthy food just because I didn’t care about my body. Later in life I just accepted that I was going to be this way forever.

After setting foot into Elite Spartans, all of that changed. Something just clicked for me there. I began working out twice a day, eating clean, and becoming addicted on bettering myself. My stamina increased and my mood was uplifted. I would even make the time to hit the 5 AM classes before work! This is coming from someone who is the laziest person on the planet! Alex and his warm staff really motivated me to work hard and in the end I surpassed my fitness goals that I initially intended. Now not only have I lost 23 pounds, but I have KEPT IT OFF! I wish I had known about Elite Spartans earlier so I could have begun this life changing experience sooner!

Don’t feel intimidated or worried that others will judge you because all the spartans (coaches) are too busy high diving you after your set!
Get out your comfort zone, and try the Spartan Body Boot Camp. You have nothing to lose. 🙂