These guys do NOT judge you AT ALL!

I have been working out @ Elite Spartans since April 2018. I really like the gym and the team behind it. The folks @ Elite Spartans are a friendly bunch who seem to be enjoying what they do.

I have lost around 35 lbs in the past 8 odd months. As with anything, there were times when I’d hit a wall and would want to give up. Sam (I take personal training from him) is really good at keeping you motivated and getting you back on track. Now I am at a point where I really enjoy gymming – I try and workout every day. I think I would want to continue the training for as long as I can. All this is thanks to Sam.

I have been to plenty of other gyms. Elite Spartans is different – the team, the gym, the ambience all play a role. They keep buying new equipment – which is nice. The facility is always spotless (OCD level).

These guys do NOT judge you AT ALL – they are not there to make you feel bad about yourself. You will be at ease and will enjoy working out @ Elite Spartans.