1. These guys do NOT judge you AT ALL!

    I have been working out @ Elite Spartans since April 2018. I really like the gym and the team behind it. The folks @ Elite Spartans are a friendly bunch who seem to be enjoying what they do. I have lost around 35 lbs in the past 8 odd months. As with anything, there were times when I'd hit a wall and would want to give up. Sam (I take personal training from him) is really good at keeping you motiv…Read More

  2. I highly recommend Elite Spartans

    This place is good as it gets! At first -3 years ago- my trainer Miguel was excellent. I had been training with him for a year for the first time in my life. I got so much results training and it was going so well that I beat him challenge for the first time and I’ll never forget it. After 2 years, he left and I kept training with Alex and some other trainers and I stayed fit and addicted to Eli…Read More

  3. Thank you Alex and the Elite Spartan staff!

    I’ve gained about 100 or so pounds since I graduated high school 20 plus years ago. My doctor says that I’m morbidly obese and that I need to start making changes in my lifestyle. Throughout the years I’ve gotten gym memberships, I’ve tried numerous diets and purchased countless workout dvd’s but nothing seemed to stick or I would fall off the routine within weeks. My usual routine at th…Read More

  4. I would strongly recommend Elite Spartans!

    After a couple of years of unsuccessfully trying to lose weight on my own, while trying out various different gyms and classes, I feel really lucky to have found Elite Spartans. I started my fitness journey weighing in at 250 pounds. After attending a free class, I was hooked. The trainers are all very knowledgeable, fun, and encouraging. They work with each person’s limitations and help modify …Read More

  5. Now not only have I lost 23 pounds!

    I have always been the "chubby kid" in school. I made excuse after excuse about not going to the gym or eating unhealthy food just because I didn't care about my body. Later in life I just accepted that I was going to be this way forever. After setting foot into Elite Spartans, all of that changed. Something just clicked for me there. I began working out twice a day, eating clean, and becoming add…Read More

  6. Everyone here wants you to succeed!

    A year ago, I was sitting in the doctor’s office having a difficult conversation about my weight. My doctor stressed the importance of managing my weight as it was starting to affect my health. I used to be fairly active, but then life happened. Working long hours with an even longer commute, I stopped making time for myself. I knew I needed to make a change but I didn’t know where to begin. I…Read More

  7. Hands down, the BEST gym in San Jose!! 

    Hands down, the BEST gym in San Jose!! I came to this gym after I'd heard great things from a family member who's been working out at this gym and who has been getting great results for over 3 years. I started my personal training program at the end of February 2019. My goal was to lose weight and start having a healthier lifestyle. With 4 children, I need to be in shape to keep up with them! This…Read More

  8. ANDRE

    In March 2018, I decided that I needed to get in shape and I started exercising on my own. After not getting any results for 2 months, I decided that it was time to get help from experts. After searching on Yelp, I noticed that Elite Spartans were the number 1 rated fitness business in San Jose and it was right around the corner from my house. So it was a no brainer to try it out. After my free co…Read More


    My life has taken a turn for the better since I met my trainer Alex. I hadn't worked out in over 14 years. It was negatively affecting all aspects of my life from my energy level to my attitude and overall health. Alex has motivated me and showed me that I could change all these things if I dedicated myself to working out and living a healthy lifestyle. When I started working out with Alex three a…Read More

  10. LOST 10″ (WAIST)

    I decided to get myself into training again after a holiday with family in the UK left me feeling decidedly unfit. After no training for about 10 years caused by a general laziness, I set about walking myself fitter. Although this was working to some degree, more was required. I was using the gym one day when I met Alex, who was training one of his clients. We had a chat and I booked some sessions…Read More