Hi Spartan Community!
My name is Daniel Flores, and I’m very honored to be a part of Elite Spartans as a front desk team member. I have known about Elite Spartans for years now and have always heard what a great place it is to be. I am currently a freshman at Cal State Fullerton, studying to become a high school economics teacher and hopefully a football/basketball coach as well. I’ve always found peace with helping and inspiring others, so I want to devote myself to helping the youth during arguably the most confusing and transitional times of our lives.
While I was growing up my mom was always really busy with work so she would put me in any sports league available. As a result, I play a variety of sports including basketball, football, wrestling, and hockey. I just fell in love with the competitive nature of sports as a kid. As I matured I noticed that I wasn’t given the ideal genetics, as I was always severely underweight and it took a life threatening football injury for me to finally build up the courage to step into a weight room. It was very intimidating but everyone around me was very supportive and that helped me reach my goals.
Here at Elite Spartans, the staff motivates each other everyday to be better than they were yesterday. I believe this energy can be felt by anyone who walks in the gym. The Elite Spartans team is ready and eager to help you achieve all your fitness goals, and once again, I am honored and excited to be a part of the team. I look forward to meeting you all soon!