Hi everyone!

My name is Victoria Newton and I’m excited to be a part of your journey with Elite Spartans.
I started my own journey with Elite Spartans as a client for the last 2 years. Throughout my 2 years as a client I was able to better myself physically and mentally. I feel in love with this gym and the culture is has created, and I enjoy my time so much here and I’ve learned so much from consistent training that I got NASM certified just so I could work here!!
The team is such a motivating group, from the bootcamp classes to the weight lifting class to the one on one sessions.  Each workout is challenging, motivating, and incredibly intense, but that’s only what makes you stronger and feel amazing about yourself.
I have always been pretty active throughout my life. I played volleyball, soccer and softball in high school and then softball for 2 years in college.  After those years I did become less active and gained weight, but that’s when Elite Spartans came in to my life. I started out at Elite Spartans as a client for the New Year’s challenge 2 years ago… Let’s just say I absolutely fell in love with the community, the workouts, the trainers…everything here!
What made me join the Elite Spartans team is the community which I’ve grown to love.  It is in my nature to help people improve their lives, and fitness can be such a powerful vehicle to achieve this.
Now that I am a part of the team as a Personal Trainer, I am very excited to help clients reach their goals and become stronger, not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.
I look forward to meeting you either through 1:1 training or in the bootcamp battleground! Thank you for allowing me to assist you in your fitness journey and I am excited to see the progress we can achieve!
See you in the near future. Don’t forget: Don’t be one minute late to boot camp. Or else! 🙂
AA in Human Development